English Plus

  • English Plus lessons are an extension of our Core English classes giving further opportunities for our students to use the English they have learnt there.

Our aims in English Plus classes are to:

  • Build confidence by getting more practice using functional, everyday language with their teacher and classmates so they can communicate more clearly and effectively.
  • Work on projects both individually and with other students using their own creativity and collaborating to produce functional mini-dialogues, collaborative stories, presentations, posters and theatre plays, amongst other activities.
  • Use storybooks to provide an ideal resource for helping our students to learn English. Children love listening to stories and storybooks present language in familiar and memorable contexts. We will be looking at vocabulary and describing characters, retelling these stories and eventually recreating our own.
  • Play communication games encouraging and motivating students to interact and communicate in a fun context.
  • Promote British life and culture by learning about and participating in activities on festivals and special days, food, music and daily life noticing the differences and similarities in our two cultures.
  • Exploit film, video and presentations in class to give our students understanding of authentic content, key to improving their language development and motivation.

Rachel Collingwood Smith