Core English


In Core English lessons we use songs, games and stories and a large variety of activities to introduce language and social skills to appeal to the imagination, creating a warm and welcoming class atmosphere in order to make children enthusiastic about learning. Phonics sections will introduce the building blocks for reading and spelling skills and storybooks will be introduced to engage and delight, making language memorable.

At this age, we know that to captivate and engage young children the lessons need to interest and engage our students, so they can begin interacting in English and learning through enjoyment and having fun.


Core English at primary level will focus on developing confidence in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, whilst also working towards Cambridge Exams*. Children will learn the structures of the English language enabling them to expand their vocabulary as they learn more interesting ways to communicate messages and present information. Fluency and pronunciation will be of prime importance and our students will be encouraged to make videos as well as show and tell presentations, as their confidence increases. They will be encouraged to develop their reading and writing with various tasks including writing short texts about themselves and their interests and leading eventually to short stories, mini-dialogues, and collaborative plays.

All our lessons are communication centred, inspiring and engaging each student and giving lots of opportunities for all our students to speak English at every opportunity.